We began with a small idea: let's start a support group! We saw a need, and we filled a need. Berks County is home to many amazing Type 1 families and we welcome them all - children and adults, siblings of T1Ds, caregivers, grandparents and friends. We believe that connections to others with T1D are essential to managing the daily lifestyle adjustments that come with the diagnosis.

Berks County is in need of support for the T1D community. We are here to build that community of support and awareness that will change how Berks County views Type 1 Diabetes and those living with it every day. We aim to bring people impacted by Type 1 Diabetes together through support meetings, social events, social networking, and educational programs. Please join us!

Surround yourself with people who understand

T1D is a serious condition, and yet there is an overwhelming public misunderstanding about the disease. Berks T1D Connection would like to make a difference in the lives of those living with the disease by creating awareness within our community about T1D as a condition and how it differs from Type 2 Diabetes. We know that living with T1D is not only about your life. It is about everyone it touches. What can make it a little easier is surrounding yourself with people who understand.